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אין השכינה שורה אלא מתוך שמחה

אין שמחה כהתרת הספקות

“We are raising a generation of young people

who are very observant but not very religious.”

(HaRav A. Feldman shlit”a)

Don't just survive your child's adolescence, harness it for real personal growth for you and your children!

This is not simply another “love your child and all will be well” lecture – though that is a part of it. And it is not simply a “parenting tips” course. Rather, the purpose is to give parents an insight into the “thinking, struggles, and mindset” of today’s frum teenagers. It stresses the importance of building trust and growing through mistakes (our own, and our children's), and gives parents the vision, hashkafa, practical tools and Torah sources to create a positive and honest atmosphere within the home which will foster real communication and allow each of you children to grow and mature into a thinking ben Torah/bas Yisroel who is excited about their Yiddishkite. The tools, insights and explanations of the parenting concepts and the Ikarei Emunah are based on my 30 years of real classroom experience and mentoring teens all over the world.

The Curriculum: Human beings, especially adolescent human beings, are extremely complex. Therefore, Torah Chinuch and parenting must be equally complex. And that is why the scope and curriculum of this course is multi-faceted and complex! The personality and midos of the parents; the chinuch and parenting goals of the home; the discipline methodology; the way we transmit Ikarei Emunah and answer their questions; and the overall atmosphere in our homes, must all be one harmonized whole.

That is why the this course is set up that the classes can only be viewed in order, and one cannot fast forward through a class! To understand the rational behind that, I urge you to watch the Free Preview which itself is an integral part of the course!

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Rabbi Feigenbaum's vast knowledge base, combined with his uniquely captivating and lively teaching style, make his shiurim illuminating and compelling. Rabbi Y. Zweig Principal, Bais Yaakov, Baltimore

This course is terrific for several reasons. One, Rabbi Feigenbaum explains Ikrei Emunah that we all know, but in a very clear, precise (and often amusing) way. Two, his sources are a great resource. These are pieces from a wide variety of sefarim that I would not otherwise access. Three, he is REAL. These are actual topics that do come up in young people in high school and beyond. S. B.

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