You can "do" tefilin - just put them on for whatever reason! If your skirt is long - even by accident - you are tzanua. But you cannot "do" davening! It is a heartfelt conversation between you and Hashem. For some people their brain understands the concepts but their heart is not in it. For others, the heart is open, but their brain has so many questions!
These shiurim will address these issues and offer some practical advice.
But please note: These 3 shiurim must be listened to in order!
"What?! I understand most of this - I just want to hear what you have to say about one issue! I do not have time to listen to all three! Why did you do that?" Great question! The answer is in the first 7 minutes of Part 1 - and that point may be the most important of all 3 shiurim!
Full disclosure: I actually enjoy davening and understand it! Even so, sometimes I find myself taking 3 steps backwards and thinking: "Oh! I guess I just finished Shmone Esrei!" (Sound familiar?) Proper kavana is always a battle! Hopefully these shiurim will provide you with some effective ammunition!
Rabbi Yitzchak Feigenbaum

Tefilah - תפילה: Easier Done Than Said! - AUDIO

  Part 1 - PTSD Post Traumatic Siddur Disorder
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  Part 2 - Nag, Nag, Nag!
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  Part 3 - "Because I Said So - That's Why!"
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Post Traumatic Siddur Disorder

Some people find it easy and enjoyable to daven, and some people find it a burden and so difficult! Why is that so - and what can be done to help make davening meaningful?

Nag, Nag, Nag!

Hashem knows what we want and what we really need! Seemingly, if we deserve it and really need He would give it to us! How and why does davening make a difference?

"Because I Said So - That's Why!"

We all have heard the idea that Hashem always answers our requests - just that sometimes His answer is "No." How do we accept that "No" with a smile and deal with our feelings of rejection.