The Medrash tells us that the angels protested Hashem giving the Torah to Man - claiming that humans would make many mistakes and mess it up! Better it should stay in Heaven with the angels. It would seem that they were correct - we DO make many mistakes and we DO mess up! Why did Hashem take the Torah out of its safe place and give it to us?
In addition, the central element of the Yom Tov - staying up all night and learning - is commemorating what at first glance appears to be a "mistake" on our part - that we slept in for the original Kabolas HaTorah!
This shiur (recorded live) will add depth and insight to this Yom Tov, and more importantly, it will show how the עול התורה - the "yoke" of Torah is not a heavy burden, but rather is the tool for our greatest happiness and success.


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