Shavuos - Kabolas HaTorah - Divine Revelation at Sinai is the very bedrock of Yiddishkite. Yet seemingly, compared to Pesach and Sukkos, it seems to come and go very quickly without much fanfare. On Pesach we have so much to "do" all of which is laden with symbolism of the essence of of the Yom Tov. On Sukkos we live under the "clouds of glory" in our Sukkah. On Shavuos (besides the cheesecake!) we stay up all night and learn (which many times results in a total net loss of limud Torah!) and we are commemorating what at first glance appears to be a "mistake" on our part - that we slept in for the original Kabolas HaTorah!
This shiur will add depth and insight to this Yom Tov, and more importantly, it will show how the עול התורה - the "yoke" of Torah is not a heavy burden, but rather is the tool for our greatest happiness and success.

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