If Mashiach is not here by Tisha B’Av – what are we going do?

We all are all struggling with the tension of COVID – 19 fatigue on one hand, and the surge of “Ikvisa D’ Mashicha” passion on the other.

The Navi Yirmiyahu wrote most of Eicha BEFORE the churban happened! He wrote it through prophecy. Yet we know that a Navi cannot have prophecy unless he is in a state of simcha - אין השכינה שורה אלא מתוך שמחה. So how could the Navi write something as sad as Eicha and yet be b'simcha?

The key is understanding the difference between being happy - and being b'simcha - and discovering why you cannot fulfill עבדו את ד' בשמחה if you are happy!

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  If You're Happy and You Know It - Sit On The Floor and Say Eicha!
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